46 1 Ning – spinal cord injury of C4-C5 (male, 26-year-old) – Before stem cell treatment

Ning, a 26-year-old guy, happened to fall down from a high level in September, 2006, which led to his spinal cord injury of C4-C5 and remained quadriplegia, incontinence of urination and bowl movement, and other symptoms.

Ning received 1st stem cell treatment including 2 stem cell transplantations via CT guide and 1 stem cell injection via lumbar puncture in December, 2010.

Before the 1st stem cell treatment:
– He could not move his 4 limbs, the muscular tension is soft;
– He suffered from incontinence, he could not feel the urination and bowl movement;
– The struck of below his neck could not sweat out, the body temperature could not be controlled by himself effectively;
– The muscle strength of his waist is weak, he only could be sitting on the wheelchair for about half an hour;
– Since his immunity is reduced, he is vulnerable to catch cold.

After 1st stem cell treatment:
– The movement range of his upper limbs is increased obviously, the muscle tension of his lower limbs is improved, approaching to normal level;
– Before his urination, he can feel his shoulder not comfortably;
– He can sweat all over his body, once his body temperature is higher, which can be controlled by proper medication;
– The muscle strength of his waist is increased obviously, he can sit on the wheelchair for 5-6 hours;
– His immunity is enhanced obviously.


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